We’re constantly getting e-mails and customer calls regarding why Aquapax is suitable for infants and why being sealed from light and air is a good thing for water.

At the other end of the spectrum, we’re bombarded with spam style e-mails about various minor league celebrities who’ve apparently got various cancers through drinking water in plastic bottles.

I can’t do a degree course in every subject of relevance to every question we get, but I can urge folk to ‘think inside the box’. When we registered this particular trademark, the intention was to get people thinking about the ingredients in a beverage product rather than glancing at the seductive marketing messages on the label.

Lot’s of products (particularly bottled water) claim to be pure or have some miraculously healthy healing property, but read the ingredient list and make up your own mind. NO3 and NO2 are both nitrates (aka chemical fertilizers) not to be confused with Na which is the chemical symbol for sodium (aka salt when combined with Cl which is chloride).

It’s my strongly held personal opinion that nitrates (chemical fertilizers) really shouldn’t be in any water calling itself ‘pure’ and I question why anyone pays good money for something that’s anything less than absolutely pure.

You do the research or type into the search box above [mineral water and infants] to get more facts and data if this is an issue for you. Otherwise simply take note that Aquapax is a naturally pure mineral water which contains less than 0.3mg/l of NO3 and less than 0.005mg/l NO2.

This fact allied to our generally low mineral content (275 parts per million TDS) and near perfect 7.1pH and a package of proven value which protects the water integrity from any form of leaching, even when soaked in diesel – read the analytical report in the down load area above –  is why Aquapax is suitable for infants.

Remember to read the label and make up your own mind; or  ‘think inside the box’ and buy Aquapax if you’re a bottled water fan.  Have a wonderful Friday, wherever you are! 🙂