…the message is finally getting through and we took so many questions in the food hall yesterday, it was marvelous.

Of course it’s logical that sealing a wonderfully pure mineral water in light free and airtight conditions will keep the water taste absolutely fresh, but when people ‘get it’ and you can physically see their lights turning on, it’s still a great moment for me.

There will always be a majority who stand on the edge and listen to the science, before walking off with the biggest ad budget brand selection, but we never set out our stall to take over the entire market.

It’s pretty simple really; light and oxygen are a catalyst for microbial growth and Aquapax is sealed in light free, airtight, sterile (aseptic) conditions; that’s why it tastes so wonderfully pure and fresh!  It’s also pretty simple that refilling an empty Aquapax with tap water and popping it in the fridge overnight will give you a nice cold portable water for the next day; that’s down to the thermal properties of the paper carton. – never thought I’d end up as a science teacher.

For the lady who carried off a whole case of 24 Aquapax along with the rest of her shopping, you’re a legend and I hope your kids appreciate the effort you made to help them ‘drink fresh’! 🙂