I believe the greatest mistake one can make is to be too afraid to make one at all. This paranoia state means nothing is ever accomplished, nor attempted, because of the premise that all objections need to be covered off first.

I went with the flow this morning and had a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast meeting with the Sussex IoD branch at the last remaining 5 star seaside hotel in England – of course I refer to The Grand in Eastbourne.  Their perfectly proportioned breakfast, accompanied by perfect strength tea and delicious coffee was conducive to the pleasant company and convivial conversation. Could Aquapax become a future feature of this esteemed institution?

As so often happens in life, the fact I stopped for a breather was seemingly rewarded with a pleasant array of orders finding their way into our in-box and a wonderful editorial feature in the fabulous eco-chic magazine. Sometimes, the best things happen when you pause for a moment and stop trying so hard.

Later this afternoon, I met a seemingly kindred spirit – marginally older in years, clearly wiser and particularly encouraging in providing a non-judgemental analysis of what we’ve done with Aquapax, where we perceive the opportunities and how he might help cultivate a focus on some of these.

Probably the greatest challenge any entrepreneurial business faces is when it’s made it through the ‘crash and burn’ phase and is clearly making headway in its chosen field. The mistake of parting with equity too early, usually for an emotional reason, weighs disproportionately on any subsequent tranche of equity a business (almost inevitably) needs to swap for the cash injection necessary to keep growing; in a society where agreed payment terms aren’t necessarily honoured.

I’ve never been afraid of making mistakes and as a sometimes wayward mobile phone service provider is fond of saying, the future is bright…