I did a customer sampling of Aquapax in the John Lewis FoodHall last Friday and the energy flowing back from customers engaging with our brand for the first time was completely addictive. There is always learning from each engagement and every time I speak with folk, the more I appreciate what a complex proposition it seems for a product to have more than one attribute in its favour…

“So if it’s the water your marketing, then why the package?” is asked just about as often as I get the comment – “the packaging’s really cool but is it just water!”
The flip side of the prospective customer who opens with a wonderfully assertive challenge “so what’s so special about this product” – allowing me to engage properly, is matched by closed contact by the “I only drink water from glass” brigade, of which there are a surprising high number about in London. – at least in W1, there are :).

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water, which equates to a frightening one in eight of us on the planet –most definitely none of them live in W1. A lack of basic sanitation (water dependent) causes 80% of diseases and is estimated to kill more people each year than war does. Yet there are people who live in their bubbles and cannot seemingly think beyond their little worlds to even try something new, let alone have a sensible dialogue on water quality or their questionable practise of only buying water in glass bottles.

Ultimately when engaging with generally pre-occupied people it comes down to keeping the message clear and most certainly concise. These were the results from my own research exercise on engaging opening lines…
“One of the purest natural mineral water’s on earth sealed from light and air inside a paper carton” drew vacant expressions most of the time.
“Award winning natural mineral water, a dozen x purer than Evian and 20x purer than Volvic” drew challenges as to how the measure of purity can be defined. – The nitrate levels – aka chemical fertiliser content – is the answer. 🙂
“Award winning natural mineral water with a near perfect 7.1pH, even suitable for infant consumption” drew engagement from some younger mothers and blank stares from others.
“The only bottled water which isn’t in a bottle” or “can I buy you a drink?” seemed the most effective at drawing a smile and a pause from the shoppers busy routines to pause for a sample cup of water and from time to time engage in conversation… perchance to buy. 😉