Growing up, both in physical years and spiritual awareness, I’ve developed a deep respect for those who help others. The love of dear friends has certainly enlightened me in recent years, but major blessings are reserved for my mum, who gave me a deep rooted foundation of an open mind to consider all things equally; not to dismiss that which I don’t understand…

When my wife and I embarked on our journey with Aquapax, we never knew where it might lead. It was fundamental to the ‘pure thirst for the environment’® which underpins our brand proposition, that we would not compromise our water quality. In a business context this has confounded many ‘advisors’, particularly those with ‘financial means’, who understand the proposition of packaging integrity, yet who can’t relate to the pure water contents within.

Many people and companies default to a defined ‘legal standard’ quality driver, which effectively serves to reduce all things to a lowest common denominator. Accepting mediocrity or buying something because it’s adequate, is not the same as selecting the best available – providing the price isn’t silly. In a service sector context the equivalent would be doing the right thing to ensure the job’s done properly, rather than getting the job done in a ‘quick and dirty, that’ll do’ fashion.

When Aquapax won the ABA QATRAH award as ‘Best Bottled Water’ (on earth) we had some questions over whether the judges were swayed by our package innovation. The fact that tastings and scoring were conducted ‘blind’ proves this not to be true and it also verifies how our choice of a protected pristine mineral water source was the right one.

mineral water comparison 2014 

We constantly have discussions with people on this ‘quality’ subject and therapists and nutritionists in particular are great at challenging facts and figures with an admirable independence until they understand. Their personal reputation depends on their ability to communicate with integrity, so we patiently educate them on the finer points of water quality which many have never even considered prior to talking with us.

Finally, we got around to developing a fact sheet for everyone / anyone else who’s interested – it’s not too challenging to read, so I hope it helps someone.

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