It’s always better to work on a business and employ others to work in it, but that sometimes means you don’t get to see the look in a customer’s eye when they get what you’re doing and understand how real the potential change is that they’re now a part of.

For those who read my blog thinking ‘what’s he on about?’ here’s a link to a climate chage article written by a man called Rikki Stancich – if I was more clever with this blogging lark, I’d keep you on my site somehow, but try opening it in another window – it’s worth a read and then you can come back. WWF & Tetra Pak: steps towards sustainability

For those who’re too busy to read it, here’s the crux – it’s an intelligent review of a conference on sustainable forestry held in Orebro, Sweden, where the CEO of the WWF shared the stage with the Environmental Director for Tetra Pak Europe. The WWF are purists and they don’t hold back in criticising anyone that isn’t panda friendly; without trivialising their noble objectives in any way, the article allows both sides of the argument in an objective 1 page discourse.

So often I get well meaning but ill-informed people harping on about recycling as if this was the only issue in our massively over consuming society. Recycling is great and I’m a big fan, but if you look at the production versus recycling stats, it’s a sad story. When people finally ‘get it’ and realise that nothing is perfect, but the carton is the least bad of all the other imperfect container options, it’s wonderful to have them on-board.

Check out the links section of our website sometime to see how the local support is growing – and that leaves out the international support which is still in the ‘pipeline stage’ – I told you about France didn’t I? and we’re now taking our vision and going global – watch this space… It was always only going to be a matter of time. 🙂 [googlevideo=]