Why It’s Safe For Infants

Any parent will confirm their very real concerns surrounding giving anything other than a mother’s breast milk to their baby, for good reason! Babies have no immune system at all and unless it’s sterilised and free from anything potentially harmful, there’s no way you’d agree to give it to your most precious new family member.

The problems with bottled water, mineral water in particular, is that many traditional mineral waters contain elevated (high) levels of individual minerals, which a baby’s gut simply cannot process.

Aquapax has a naturally low and near perfect natural mineral balance measuring 7.065pH with low concentrations of sodium and ultra low nitrate levels. Nitrates in particular are the element in most waters which a baby cannot accommodate as these (often naturally occurring) elements can turn into nitrogen within a baby’s blood stream, reducing the flow of oxygen and potentially causing a rare but extremely dangerous condition called ‘methemoglobinemia’.

There’s no need for you to get too hung up on the chemistry, but good to know Aquapax is safe for infants, which is our litmus test for the quality of any water and hopefully reassuring for parents – particularly if Mum can’t breastfeed!

Please note there’s an awful lot of misinformation on the internet. While most developed country’s public water supplies are pretty high quality, boiling tap water will NOT remove any nitrates or any other chemical elements which are in it. The act of boiling will sterilise, but it will also effectively concentrate any chemicals in there; if there’s any undesirable chemicals in the drinking water in the first place, try to avoid it and ask your local water supplier what the chemical analysis is of your tap water before giving it to your infant if you’re at all worried!

Please note further that if you were giving Aquapax to a new born baby under 3 months, we would still recommend you boil it first before allowing it to cool and then giving it to the baby. While we’re confident of what’s inside Aquapax, we have no control over any potential external contamination of the cap; no risk is the only risk where a baby is concerned!

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