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It’s really very pure..

Aquapax is one of the purest mineral waters in the world, with a near perfect 7.065pH natural low mineral balance and practically no (trace) nitrates. Aquapax is suitable for all diets, including for infant hydration. Our water is sealed from light and air, in a non-leaching, majority paper, carton bottle, which is more sustainable to produce and which we believe is more sensible than the alternatives. Our refillable, reusable and wholly recyclable cartons ultimately keep Aquapax water wholesome and fresh tasting in storage, while also keeping your water temperature cooler for longer.

It’s better for the environment

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as environmentally friendly bottled water, but we’ve at least tried with Aquapax.
Just think about the alternatives for a moment… Plastic bottles are extruded from something that starts out life as an oil well and which by the time it becomes a shiny plastic bottle has needed more water to make than it can actually hold. Glass bottles are really heavy to transport when new and also heavy to transport for recycling after they’re empty, while ‘blowing’ the actual glass bottles in the first place takes a significant amount of heat energy = not particularly planet friendly!

It’s better for you and your children

Aquapax has a naturally low and near perfect natural mineral balance measuring 7.065pH with low concentrations of sodium and ultra low nitrate levels. Nitrates in particular are the element in most waters which a baby cannot accommodate as these (often naturally occurring) elements can turn into nitrogen within a baby’s blood stream, reducing the flow of oxygen and potentially causing a rare but extremely dangerous condition called ‘methemoglobinemia’.

There’s no need for you to get too hung up on the chemistry, but good to know Aquapax is safe for infants, which is our litmus test for the quality of any water and hopefully reassuring for parents – particularly if Mum can’t breastfeed!

For the full information, please read this article

So What Makes Aquapax Different ?

Not all waters are equal, yet most people seem to believe if it comes in a bottle it must be good. We urge you to read this section to understand a little more about minerals in water and what some of the different minerals are. In this way, you will discover what the characteristics of different mineral waters are and which of these characteristics appeal to your taste buds. You might also discover there are certain waters you would prefer not to drink.

AQUAPAX pure still mineral water is naturally low in minerals, has a near perfect pH balance, and is virtually nitrate free. This makes AQUAPAX suitable for infant consumption as well as suitable for anyone on a low sodium or nitrate sensitive diet.

Mineral overview and recommended daily allowance (RDA)

HCO3 – Bicarbonate or Hydrogencarbonate, helps to maintain acid balance in the stomach and the intestines and support the digestion. Helps against the effects of a hang-over.

The Bicarbonate level in AQUAPAX is 145mg/l.

Ca++ Calcium is used to build bones and teeth. If you don’t have enough over a long time, it may lead to osteoporosis. Muscle activity and transmission of nerve signals also relies on calcium. It is also used for coagulation of the blood and regulates heart activity. Calcium deficiency increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. Hormone secretion is also regulated by calcium. It is used in enzyme production. Together with magnesium, calcium provides ‘electricity’ for the heart.

The RDA is 800 to 1000 mg and AQUAPAX contains 58.7mg/l of Calcium.

Mg++ Magnesium is essential for bones and cells, especially the muscular cells. It helps maintaining the muscular and nervous equilibrium. It is also used for building bones and tendons and in the construction of many enzymes and is useful in fighting osteoporosis and kidney stones.

The RDA is 300 to 400 mg and AQUAPAX contains 6.3mg/l of Mg++.

Cl- Together with sodium, chloride or chlorine forms our normal salt, used to spice up our regular diet. While too much salt is unhealthy, none at all can lead to serious malfunction in our body as well. Chloride and sodium are used to maintain osmotic pressure in the cells. As part of the digestive acids in the stomach it plays an important role in the digestion. Chlorine is also used to purify water.

The RDA is 1700 to 5100 mg – AQUAPAX contains 13.6mg/l of Cl-.

Na+ Sodium is essential for the exchange of water between the cells and the intercellular medium. It is also important for the working of muscles, enabling contraction. Together with chloride, sodium forms our normal salt, used to spice up our regular diet. To determine the amount of salt in a water it is not sufficient to measure the sodium content, but also the amount of chloride. While too much salt is unhealthy, none at all can lead to serious malfunction in our body as well.

RDA is 2000 to 3000 mg and AQUAPAX contains 6.5mg/l of Na+ making it suitable for a low sodium diet.

SO4- – Sulfur, the “S-part” of sulphate, is essential in maintaining healthy, flexible cells. It is also part of many enzymes. Lack of sulfur inhibits the body’s ability to repair damaged cells properly.

AQUAPAX contains 48mg/l of SO4- -.

K+ Potassium is needed for regulation of water in the cells. It maintains the osmotic pressure. Potassium is also responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses and for muscle contractions. Potassium helps maintain the balance of fluids, thus helping to prevent dehydration and excess fluid retention. Some believe that it may be needed to fight cancer. RDA is 3000 to 4000 mg, – usually covered by a regular daily diet. A deficiency of potassium leads to muscle weakness, low blood pressure, constipation, general fatigue and nervousness.

AQUAPAX contains 1.0mg/l of Potassium.

NO3- Nitrate is a naturally occurring form of nitrogen (N) and one of the most common groundwater contaminants in rural areas. Nitrate and nitrite are regulated in drinking water as excess nitrate levels can cause “blue baby” disease (methemoglobinemia). Drinking water high in nitrate is potentially harmful to human and animal health. WHO / DWI limits for nitrate in drinking water is 50mg/l and for nitrite is 0.5mg/l. The RDA for nitrates is none.

AQUAPAX contains less than 0.3mg/l of nitrate and less than 0.005mg/l of nitrite! Together with the low sodium content, this makes AQUAPAX suitable for infant consumption – as part of a balanced diet.

pH Liquids with a pH value from 0 to 7 is acid, whereas over 7 it is alkaline. Mineral water should be as neutral (i.e. as near to 7) as possible. High acidity over a long time may erode teeth. Adding C02 to a water increases its acidity. pH is measured as the concentration of Hydrogen ions (H+) in a solution. Mathematically this is expressed as pH = -log10(H+).

The pH of AQUAPAX water is 7.065 (near perfect neutral) which we round up on pack to 7.1 (it’s a label space thing)

TDS Total Disolved Solids: This indicates how many minerals and other solvents are contained in one litre of water. Technically, these are the dry residue that remain after the water has been heated to 180 C.

AQUAPAX contains just 275mg/l of TDS. (Method: DIN 38409-1-1)

Now you know a little more about what’s in the water – why not try having a search beyond the marketing graphics of the water brand you normally drink to compare some of our transparent mineral and other contents to theirs? Some things are more difficult to find than others, so good luck in your search.

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Did we mention it's better for the environment


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Did we mention that kids love it!


The Man Behind The Story Behind The Water

Neil Tomlinson

I was on holiday with my wife and family when the ‘first’ Asian tsunami footage appeared on our TV back on 26 December 2004. The powerful images made me feel both guilty and helpless when my considered plans to lend a hand to this ‘water based’ humanitarian crisis were vetoed within the corporate structure of my then employer.

This led me to work on a disposable portable water container suitable for long-term storage, with comprehensive integrity in terms of function and carbon footprint. This became a near obsession and developed ultimately into my mission of launching a premium consumer brand called AQUAPAX.

My strategy evolved, to swim up-stream when the ‘institutions’ of the world would not work with my ‘unproven new business’…

If you look at an Aquapax water carton, it might at first appear a little busy. But if you look closely, this is what I hope you will see…

Positioned at the base of the carton, is one of our registered trademarks ‘A PURE THIRST FOR THE ENVIRONMENT’® which forms the foundation of my brand – this is fundamentally why Aquapax exists. Above this sentence, I placed my signature between illustrations of waves to represent the beach from my childhood. I grew up in Durban, on the east coast of South Africa at a time when beaches weren’t places that plastic bottles washed up on.

Above my signature is a bird in flight. It’s not just any bird, it’s Jonathan Livingstone Seagull – a story written by Richard Bach about a seagull learning about life and flight that has inspired me from when I was young to live the life I’ve chosen and to try not to take too many short cuts.

I’ve always loved trees and working with sustainable forest sources as a renewable material was the only true way I could think of to ensure the future of the world’s great forests. Look closely at the front of an Aquapax carton and you will see this clearly in the shape of the light coming through the branches of ‘the tree of life’, with its roots running deep into the earth below.

Fanning out from behind the tree, you can see suns rays shining brightly – I wanted this image to be uplifting to signify positive hope rather than represent a negative castigation of the pretty labels on so many plastic bottle ‘competitors’.

Above the tree and the Aquapax logo, there are three birds migrating – this signifies the change in consumer awareness, represented by a migration which no-one tells birds to do (they simply know when the time is right and fly off). I can feel this movement among consumers leaning towards greater ecological awareness – it’s a slow migration but it’s real…

Finally, at the top of the carton is the statement ‘PURE WATER EVOLUTION’ – I know Aquapax is not yet perfect and we have bio-polymer caps and liners on trial as I type. The water source is impeccable – which was my number one priority – and the other elements will follow, evolving the product and brand as all great products and brands have to ultimately do.

AQUAPAX is premium quality natural mineral water with a near perfect 7.065pH low mineral balance making it suitable for infants and all diets. Aquapax tastes like pure fresh natural water should with no taint or aftertaste; consider how fresh air has absolutely no smell at all and you’ll get it. The carbon footprint of an Aquapax carton is less than half that of a single-use plastic bottle and the empty cartons can also be safely re-filled for reuse by the original owner before recycling when it gets tired.

AQUAPAX began with a strong ethics led foundation as a revolution against the cheap, yet ecologically costly status quo of the bottled water industry. Our call to action is ‘Ditch the plastic’ and who knows where this call will lead ?

Neil Tomlinson


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Award Winning Water

We won the International QATRAH Award as the Best Bottled Water!

A panel of experts taste a whole lot of different waters packaged in all sorts of different package types and compare them for how they taste, but what will it taste like for your taste buds?

Well, that really depends… if you try Aquapax and get any real taste, you’re probably actually tasting / re-experiencing the last thing you had to eat or drink which the water (as the universal solvent) is washing off from the inside of your mouth, lips or tongue and reminding you of.

Have another taste and swill it around your mouth for a moment and you should experience absolutely nothing! That’s right – kind of an anti-climax in some ways, but hey, what did you expect fresh pure water to taste of ?

For that matter, what does pure fresh air smell like ? We digress! Aquapax tastes exactly like pure fresh water should taste like… it’s wet with a soft mouth feel and leaves you pondering why almost every other water you’ve ever tasted has some kind of aftertaste.

We believe if you can taste anything in water – assuming it isn’t flavoured water – you may possibly be tasting something that shouldn’t actually be there.

Try reading the ingredients label on anything with a distinctive taste and you’ll see what it is you’ve experienced!

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