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Aquapax is one of the purest mineral waters in the world, with a near perfect 7.065pH natural low mineral balance and practically no (trace) nitrates. Aquapax is suitable for all diets, including for infant hydration. Our water is sealed from light and air, in a non-leaching, majority paper, carton bottle, which is more sustainable to produce and which we believe is more sensible than the alternatives. Our refillable, reusable and wholly recyclable cartons ultimately keep Aquapax water wholesome and fresh tasting in storage, while also keeping your water temperature cooler for longer. 

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As winner of the International QATRAH ‘Best Bottled Water’ award, Aquapax is all about facilitating a positive change in an industry with a questionable environmental record. Aquapax allows you to drink water on the go, without the fears associated with plastic toxins or breaking glass. A wonderfully pure water, in a pretty beautifully designed (funky) looking responsible package, from an ethics led business with a pledge to maintain a carbon balanced footprint!

What's In Our Water ?

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Three Great Reasons Why You Can Choose Aquapax

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It's Safe for Infants

Any parent will confirm their very real concerns surrounding giving anything other than a mother’s breast milk to their baby, for good reason! Babies have no immune system at all and unless it’s sterilised and free from anything potentially harmful, there’s no way you’d agree to give it to your most precious new family member!
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It’s More Environmentally Sensible…

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as environmentally friendly bottled water, but we’ve at least tried with Aquapax, hence our claim to be ‘planet conscious’. How?
Well there’s a lot of politics around these claims and we’re no good at politics, so let’s stick to basic common sense….
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It Tastes Great!

Did we mention yet that Aquapax won the International QATRAH Award as the Best Bottled Water ? OK so that’s a bunch of experts tasting a whole lot of different waters packaged in all sorts of different package types and comparing them for how they taste, but what will it taste like on your taste buds ?
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Would You Like to Promote Your Brand With Our Pure Water

If you love our water, but would like to have your own brand on the cartons, we can supply as many as you’d like! Our ‘Own Label’ solution will give you all the benefits of Aquapax associated with your brand.

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