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About Aquapax

Multi-award winning Aquapax is one of the purest waters in the world, naturally low in all minerals, with a near perfect neutral pH balance and practically no (trace) nitrates. 

Aquapax ultra-low nitrate levels and naturally pure, low mineral content, means our water is safe for preparing infant foods or hydrating infants without the need for boiling first; our litmus test for quality! 

Sealed and protected from light and air, in almost wholly renewable, safely re-usable, sustainably produced, non-leaching paper cartons, means Aquapax elevates itself above the ongoing war on plastic: it makes Aquapax unique in the market. 

The ever-increasing consumer demand for convenient, pure, additive-free, portable drinking water, is clear! Hence our passion for Aquapax. Most of our wholly recyclable carton material is paperboard made from trees, sourced from sustainably renewed, FSC Certified forests. Plastic / PET bottles come from unsustainable oil reserves, and require more water to produce than they can hold. Glass bottles are energy intensive to produce, heavier than optimum for transporting, and a safety hazard whenever dropped. 


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