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Hello. We're Aquapax.

The original planet conscious drinking water, ethically packaged in plant-based cartons.

Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed Plastic Free

Plant Based

Aquapax cartons contain at least 75% plant-based material, including renewable sugar cane screw caps

Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed Plastic Free


The whole Aquapax carton can be recycled into useful new products

Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed Plastic Free


Every Aquapax sold contributes to the 'Aquapax Communitree Project', funding reforestation projects worldwide

Pure Water Evolution

Pure reflects every part of our business, from our water source to our delivery methods and ethics. Our 100% recyclable cartons are the more sustainable alternative to plastic, glass or cans, made from majority plant-based materials including FSC Certified paper and renewable sugar cane screw cap closures.

Aquapax water is sustainably sourced and packaged using the latest in aseptic packaging technology, ensuring a hygienic and long wholesome storage life with a perfect taste every time. Our waters have low sodium concentrations and only trace nitrates, meaning Aquapax is pure enough to prepare infant formula without the need for boiling first.

Our cartons are delivered through an end-to-end carbon-balanced supply chain, ensuring we give back more to our beautiful blue planet than we borrow.

Plastic Free Sustainable Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed

Why Aquapax is Different.

• The leading, wholly recyclable and sustainable water 

• Superb quality water (infant formula friendly)

• Majority plant-based cartons

• End-to-end carbon-balanced supply chain

• Packaged using the latest aseptic filling technology 

• Our cartons stay cooler for longer

• Our cartons are non-leaching & refill friendly

• We offer multi-language translations for our international customers

• 15 years established supply chain

• 1% For The Planet members

• Active reforestation project planting over 5k trees a year

Aquapax Communitree Project

Aquapax is the world’s first carbon-balanced water brand with an active reforestation programme, committing 1% of our annual turnover back to environmental restoration through The Aquapax CommuniTree Project (part of Communitree). The programme combines farmer driven project design and technology to regenerate forests, alongside employment opportunities which last a lifetime and beyond.

At the start of 2021, Communitree celebrated 10 years, reaching a milestone of 10,000,000 trees planted. We're proud to be part of this mission, growing trees and helping to tackle poverty and climate change. Every penny of the Aquapax CommuniTree funding is applied to that goal.

Our SKY TV Advert

With Sky TV’s ongoing commitment to make people aware of plastic pollution and to give everyone easy ways to take action through their Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, there was only one partner we were going to join forces with to launch our first ever TV advertising campaign.

Check out our 30 second advert by clicking the link below: 

Plastic Free Sustainable Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed

Why we created Aquapax

A million water bottles are bought every minute around the world, and that figure is forecast to increase another 20% by 2021. 80% of plastic bottles purchased every year end up in landfills, where they typically spend 450 - 500 years to break down into hazardous micro-plastics. Over 4 billion plastic bottles annually end up in the ocean as a result of rubbish being deposited in waterways by humans, wind and heavy rains, these they can break down into hazardous micro-plastics which are then ingested by ocean animals. It's time for change. 

Our founder grew up on a plastic-free beach and future generations of children deserve the same. 


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