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Why Aquapax is Different.

• We're the original carton water brand (est 2006)

• Our cartons are the leading wholly recyclable, sustainable alternative to to plastic bottles

 • Our FSC Certified 500ml cartons embrace a bio-cap opener made from sugar cane, a natural resource

• We package some of the purest water in the world... So pure infact, it's safe to prepare baby formula without the need for boiling first

• We're proud to say that our water is sustainably sourced & distributed within a carbon balanced supply chain

• Our cartons have a lower carbon footprint compared to glass, cans, plastic and other drinks containers 

• We are 1% For The Planet members with an active reforestation program, giving back to Mother Nature

• Due to exceptional design, our cartons stay cooler for longer compared to other drinks containers

The Aquapax Reforestation Program

Together with healthy oceans, forests are the lungs of the earth, consuming CO2 and giving off vital Oxygen. In collaboration with C-Level, Communitree and  1% For The Planet, we have committed to collecting indigenous tree seeds and establishing tree nurseries. Creating significant employment with specific small holder farmers on their own land, geared to ecological enhancement.

Every time you purchase an Aquapax, you're contributing towards the program, so thank you for making a difference! 

Left picture: Farmer Justina Gutierrez Munos planting trealings on her farm.

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Aquapax. Think inside the box™

Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed Plastic Free


Aquapax carton strength is from renewable FSC timber sources

Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed Plastic Free

Plant Based

Aquapax Spring Water cartons contain at least 75% plant-based material

Aquapax Water Carton Eco Boxed Plastic Free


The whole Aquapax carton can be recycled into useful new products

Aquapax Still Natural Mineral Water In An Eco Paper Carton

Why we created Aquapax

A million water bottles are bought every minute around the world, and that figure is forecast to increase another 20% by 2021. 80% of plastic bottles purchased every year end up in landfills, where they typically spend 450 - 500 years to break down into hazardous micro-plastics. Over 4 billion plastic bottles annually end up in the ocean as a result of rubbish being deposited in waterways by humans, wind and heavy rains, these they can break down into hazardous micro-plastics which are then ingested by ocean animals. It's time for change. 

Our founder grew up on a plastic-free beach and future generations of children deserve the same. 


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