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Carbon Footprint

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A carbon footprint is a measure of the greenhouse gases, energy consumption, and waste production associated with an individual or entity. Whether you're an individual or running a business, everyone and everything carries its own unique carbon footprint. This footprint serves as an indicator of your energy usage and waste generation.

But why does this matter?

The collective impact of small, everyday actions taken by individuals can be significant. For instance, if we all choose to drive to work in the morning, our combined carbon footprint will be considerably larger than if we opt for cycling as our mode of transportation. Everything from the fuel used in your vehicles to your dietary choices, beverages, cosmetics, and even the waste you produce contributes to your personal carbon footprint.

Even the products you consume, like a drink with a high carbon footprint due to energy-intensive production, factor into your overall carbon footprint. Thus, it's vital that we all take responsibility for our consumption habits.

At Aquapax, we're proud to be the world's first carbon-balanced water brand with an active reforestation program, committing to environmental restoration. Our cartons, featuring plant-based materials, play a role in supporting a low carbon circular economy and our canned sparkling water is packed in the UK for low mileage/carbon deliveries. For specific data on the carbon footprint of our individual cartons, please refer to the relevant factsheet below.

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