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Carbon Footprint

carbon footprint aquapax water

A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases, energy and waste that is generated to support an individual. Whether it's you personally or your business, everyone and everything has it's own carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is there to give you an indication on the amount of energy you use and the waste you generate.

But why is this important? 

All of the small actions made by humans add up when they're put together. For example; if we all drive to work in the morning, our carbon footprint will be a lot higher than if we all cycled to work that day. From the petrol or diesel used in your vehicles, to what you eat, to the drinks you drink, or even the make-up you use. Everything, right down to the waste you generate is calculated in your personal carbon footprint. 

If you drink a drink that has a large carbon footprint, meaning it takes a lot of energy to produce it, this counts as your carbon footprint too. So it's important we all take responsibility for the way we consume. 

Aquapax is the world’s first carbon-balanced water brand with an active reforestation programme, committing 1% of our annual turnover back to environmental restoration. Our carton’s plant based content helps contribute to a low carbon circular economy. For individual carton carbon footprint data, please see the relevant factsheet below: 

330ml Aquapax 

500ml Aquapax 

1000ml Aquapax 




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