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AQUAPAX Carbon Footprint Calculation

AQUAPAX want to publicly thank the professional team at REACH EAT, who we’ve been working with on our first Cradle to Gate #carbonfootprint assessment for AQUAPAX 1L cartons.

Having previously committed to a broad brush 1% of turnover allocation towards the Plan Vivo accredited Communitree reforestation project, this more scientific approach will allow us to finally understand the scale of our remediation commitment required, in the context of our actual carbon footprint impact.


As committed independent producers, we’ve always declared being ethics led.  As time moves on, who can complain at us now showing greater transparency and finally giving our consumers the ability to understand how our more sustainable waters compare with the compelling cheap plastic or considerably more impactful glass bottled container alternatives.


So, in case someone asks, a 1Litre carton AQUAPAX Still Water is currently responsible for 0.12KG CO2e in CO2e emissions.  As well as now having this data, analysing AQUAPAX 1L water carton’s life cycle in this way has given us insight to how we might improve even further, refining our processes, and drive our production efficiencies further in support of our beautiful blue planet.


Thank you again REACH EAT (  we have a few more product sku’s to go, but we’ve getting there!

#LCA #ESG #sustainability #climatelabel

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