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Sustainable tourism + AQUAPAX

To paraphrase of our favourite travel company’s ( Travel should be good for you, the places, and people that you visit, and the planet.  Yet trying to square this circle isn’t always easy.

A similar dilemma faces any enterprise that exists to create employment and generate revenue, even if the founding principles are noble, formulated with an earnest intention to bring about positive change for the world. 

We walk a tightrope constantly, sourcing our AQUAPAX from protected and sustainable sources.  Growing our distribution reach, while ensuring our water is extracted in a way that does not harm the local environment or deplete the local water supply in an adverse way. This same challenge sits with a burgeoning new growth category of eco-hotels, developed, and intended to cater for and facilitate the wanderlust of those wanting to travel and embrace sustainable tourism responsibly.

Focusing on trips to places with high animal welfare standards, while also reducing direct waste production and overall environmental impact, have to be balanced alongside catering for people’s sense of adventure, protecting local biodiversity and providing support for accredited conservation projects… it’s all a delicate challenge.

Any packaged product, including our AQUAPAX waters, have a higher carbon footprint than an equivalent raw material - grapes, like water, can be consumed by cupping one’s hands, yet customers prefer a glass vessel for their wine or one of our cartons for their water. Our water is naturally pure and has no added chemicals or flavourings, giving it a crisp and refreshing taste. This makes it perfect for drinking on its own or as a perfectly neutral mixer to help a fine whisky release its complex depths.  AQUAPAX water is available in various sizes, making it convenient for both individual use on the go, for larger events, such as family outings and group excursions, as well as for festivals and outdoor catering.

Ever more hotels now highlight their choice of AQUAPAX water as a sustainable option for their guests. It’s a visible way of living their values and proving their efforts at greater environmental consciousness… all of which leads to attract ever more eco-conscious travellers. Long may the trend continue!
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