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Tents For Life! Martin Dorey Turns Tents Into Beach Clean Bags

As you may know, rubbish left at festivals, especially tents, is dumped on a monumental scale and is a huge problem. The vast mass of abandoned items and rubbish are collected and sent to landfill. Even festivals who declared themselves plastic free and for punters to ‘Leave No Trace’ this year have struggled with much the same results.

Martin Dorey, the founder of the 2 Minute Beach Clean, has come up with an innovative way of reusing the abandoned tents - the main item dumped by festival goers.

aquapax water carton tents to bags

After collecting the discarded tents at the Leopollooza festival in Bude, Cornwall, Martin took the tents to a workshop where his friend Lee repurposes them into the new Beach Clean bags. Depending on the size of the tent, each one can be made into 10-15 bags, giving these discarded tents a new leas of life cleaning up ocean pollution.

With over 750 beach clean stations across the coast of Britain and Ireland, all currently using old plastic bags from super markets to collect the rubbish on the #2MinuteBeachCleans, these repurposed tent bags are not only tackling an existing problem by stopping tents from going to landfill, but also setting the bar for others to reuse, stopping the current waste from entering landfill or our oceans, as well as future plastic pollution.

We are hoping more people will follow Martin’s lead, and find exciting ways of tackling plastic pollution left over from festivals.

One step closer to cleaner Oceans, thank you Martin & Lee

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