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Earth Day 2021

The History of Earth Day

Today marks 51 years of celebrating Earth Day around the world! According to the group, the first Earth Day was celebrated on the 22nd of April 1970 in the USA, giving a voice to the emerging public consciousness on the environment.

Amidst the anti-war protests in the late 1960s, American students were becoming more concerned about the state of the planet. This was especially highlighted after the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. The 22nd of April 1970 was chosen as a day in between student's Spring Break and Final Exams in the USA as a way to maximise the student participation.

Earth Day 1970 was a huge hit, achieving a rare political alignment and led to the creation of various environmental and health acts. It was not until 20 years later in 1990 that Earth Day went global.

A major campaign for the planet was organised, gaining over 200 million participants worldwide in 141 countries. The first global Earth Day boosted worldwide recycling efforts, and helped organise the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

To mark Earth Day 2021, we've got some lifestyle change suggestions that we can all make to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

    1. Shop Eco-Friendly Household Products. Introduce some eco-friendly household products to your next shop! Think 'green' products such as bamboo or wooden-based as an alternative to single-use, disposable plastic items.

    2. Invest Reusable Batteries. If you go through batteries like there's no tomorrow, consider purchasing rechargeable and reusable batteries! 

    3. Stop Purchasing Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles. Instead of purchasing single-use plastic bottles, think about finding alternatives like our plant-based 100% recyclable water cartons! You can buy them from our website.

    4. Turn Off Your Car Engine When Idling. If you're sat in your car for over two minutes, consider turning the engine off so that you are only releasing emissions while you're driving.

    5. Collect Rainwater. Seems simple, right? But this is a super easy way to water your indoor plants with this non-drinking water!

    6. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint. You've got to know what the problem is to be able to fix it! You can use a carbon footprint calculator to find out. Beware: the results might come as a guilty surprise.

    7. Ditch the Car. Where possible, consider walking instead of taking the car. It's good for the environment, and healthy for you too!

    8. Buy Indoor Plants. Some greenery indoors can actually help regulate room temperature through the moisture they release. Therefore, this will also help reduce the energy used to monitor the temperature in your home. 


Aquapax is committed to making a difference to our planet! This is why we are members of 1% for the Planet as well as actively achieving a carbon neutral footprint! This is accomplished through being part of a reforestation project where last year we helped plant over 5,000 fruit trees! 

We are doing weekly Brighton beach cleans too! You can get involved in by contacting our team member Itzel who organises the beach cleans.

Aquapax cartons are also sustainable and 100% recyclable! All our cartons are plant-based, and FSC certified. You can read here about our sweet move to make our screw caps sugar cane derived.

Earth Day Kid's Quiz

Last year, we created an Earth Day themed kid's quiz! If you have a little someone who would like to play, follow this link to the quiz!

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