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Sugar cane caps for the win!

Did you know our screw caps are made out of sugar cane?

Our bio- and plant-based caps are made from polythene and produced from sugar cane. The caps are made from renewable plant material without compromising on the advantages of plastic-based caps. Our new caps further reduce our already carbon balanced footprint while increasing the renewable content of our packaging. Despite the caps being derived from sugar cane, they have the same functionality as a standard plastic cap would.

Compared to fossil-fuel-derived plastic caps, plant-based caps lower CO2 emissions by 14-19%! Aquapax is committed to making a difference to climate change which is why we chose to use plant-based caps for our paper water cartons. Another benefit of using sugar cane-derived caps is that sugar cane is a plant that can grow back without further polluting the planet unlike plastic.

Aquapax's commitment

By using innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, we are one step closer to eliminating plastic products from the market. Our cartons are 100% recyclable and safe to refill if consumers choose to reuse the cartons for drinking purposes. The reason our cartons are refill-safe is because they're non-leaching! 

Our commitment to creating a sustainable product has allowed us to invest in innovative packaging to make our cartons 100% recyclable. Our bio-based lids are another step in making our product a plant-based and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles.  

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