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CommuniTree reforestation project in Nicaragua Aquapax Water Cartons

Aqaupax have joined forces with C-LEVEL and CommuniTree through 1% For The Planet, investing in indigenous reforestation in Nicaragua.

1% For The Planet are an organisation who pair dynamic businesses and individuals with high-impact environmental nonprofits that align with their values.

We have been working with C-LEVEL, advocators in “changing culture, not climate”, who calculated our carbon footprint. We then matched the carbon equivalent by investing in reforestation with CommuniTree, to offset the carbon we had used


Tree Nurseries Aquapax Water Cartons

CommuniTree is an award-winning programme for tropical reforestation in Nicaragua. They partner with small-scale farming families to reforest previously under-used land.

Every project is designed by the farmers, who grow the trees to ensure they get more value from reforesting their land than deforesting it.

The projects combine farmer driven project-design and innovative technology to create indigenous forests that last. These forests provide long term benefits to climate, people and ecosystems.

This approach means every farm reforested, stays reforested

Aquapax Water Cartons reforestation

As a result, Aqaupax is officially certified as Carbon Balanced, and is proud to have helped enable the planting of indigenous forests whilst simultaneously creating jobs for local families.

 Visit The Program: Click Here 

More information can be found on the organisations mentioned in this article below:
1% For The Planet




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