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Up-cycle your used Aquapax cartons!

This week, we have made a tiktok DIY series on how to reuse and up-cycle our water cartons in a sustainable way! Below are the ideas we came up with, you can watch the videos we created on our tiktok @aquapaxwater.

Please remember, that children should be supervised by an adult at all times when carrying out these activities as they involve sharp objects. 

Bee Hydration Station

All you need is an Aquapax paper carton, a few caps and some string! We cut a small door in the carton for the bees to be able to enter and that's where we placed two of our caps. 

To make the solution, we used 70% water and 30% sugar. Once the sugar had dissolved in the water we placed it in the caps for the bees to hydrate from! 

We proceeded to hang the hydration station outside on a tree (ours was on a blossom tree) for the bees to easily access. 

Bees, like all living creatures, need water to survive. They regularly take the water back to their hives where they use it to dilute honey, regulate humidity and cool down the hive in hot weather. 

Watch our tiktok to see how we made it, step-by-step. 

aquapax paper carton water pure bee hydration station

Bird Feeder

To make a bird feeder, we used an Aquapax carton, some string and some bird feed - couldn't be easier! To watch the step-by-step video on how we made it, please refer to our tiktok series

We cut two large rectangles on the front and back of the carton and attached a piece of string to the top of the carton to hang it outside. 

The bird feed we used was homemade: we used raisins, sultanas, peanuts, sunflower seeds and cracked corn. We mixed up the ingredients and popped it in the carton bird feeder.

Now we wait for our new bird friends to come and eat!

paper carton bird feeder

Plant Pot/Carton

Finally, we used a carton to plant some basil! We simply cut the top half of the carton off and used a screwdriver to punch holes at the bottom to create some drainage.

We added soil and planted some basil seeds to the pot before watering it and labelling the pot. Follow our social media to see how our Aquapax basil does in the coming weeks!

To see a full video on how the plant pot was created, watch our latest tiktoks.

paper carton plant pot with basil

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