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World Health Day 2021

World Health Day

The World Health Organisation has chosen this year's campaign to be "building a fairer, healthier world".

This past year we have spent living with COVID-19 has further highlighted the disparity of inequality between communities. Across the world, there are vast numbers of people living in areas where they have no access to safe drinking water, health services and a steady income. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to unnecessary and most importantly, preventable suffering, illness and death. 

Living in a connected world, it is easier than ever to bring about small changes that create great impact.

We asked Aquapax founder Neil to ping us a paragraph on building a fairer, healthier world:

Changing any established system with an intention of creating a fairer or healthier outcome, begins with a desire for that ‘better’ outcome. 

So many people have wonderfully bold dreams of how positive change can be brought about in so many different areas, yet, I find myself frustrated by how few people ever act on their ideas and dreams.

Part of ‘growing up’ is understanding that any journey begins with a first step and in todays ‘connected’ world, it’s easier than ever to start a movement and make a difference, simply by sharing ideas…  

I urge anyone wanting to bring about change, to either do what they dream, or to share their dreams with others.

Not everyone is blessed with original thought; far more people are blessed with a capacity to act on things that might just help build a fairer, healthier world for all of us.


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