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The rise and fall of single-use plastic water bottles

The rise and fall of plastic water bottles occurred within a generation. They quickly became a necessity in our day-to-day life as if we could not live without a plastic water bottle. This obsession came at a huge environmental expense and activists have been campaigning for the ban of plastic water bottles, swiftly after the ban of plastic bags was implemented. 

In the UK, efforts have been made to vanquish plastic water bottles. Even century-old department store Selfridges in London prohibited the selling of single-use plastic bottles in its food court. These measures are tackling the problem head-on in the wake of alarming statistics such as the average Londoner purchasing 3 plastic water bottles per week

Despite the efforts to abolish single-use plastic bottles, the rates of recycling are depressingly low. In 2016, less than half of single-use plastic water bottles were recycled and only 7% were recycled into new bottles. 

It is necessary to find alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. London's water fountain campaign is a positive change in the capital. Water bottle alternatives such as Aquapax's plant-based carton water bottle is a massive improvement on single-use plastic bottles as it is 100% recyclable with a sugar cane screw cap. Carton is a far more sustainable option when buying water bottles, especially as it is not only better for the environment but healthier for us too!

Aquapax carton water bottles are non-leaching so there is no need to worry about BPA seeping into your water. The spring water has a neutral pH balance, low sodium concentration and is even suitable for infants. This means that Aquapax water is suitable to prepare infant formula without having to boil it first! 

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