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Our Thanks To The Planet

Aqaupax have joined forces with C-LEVEL and CommuniTree through 1% For The Planet, investing in indigenous refor...

We Explain: Mineral Water Suitable For Babies & Infants

The real reason why parents shouldn’t give any highly mineralised water to babies are down to some of their mineral ...

#CleanSeas Break-Up PSA: "It's not me, it's you."

This short UN Environment #CleanSeas video take a lighter look at the issue of marine litter and asks everyone arou...

Ben Lecomte to swim across the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness on the ocean pollution crisis!

On Wednesday, May 30th, a long-distance swimmer by the name Ben Lecomte will be embarking on a historic 5,500-mile l...

Welcome to the brand new Aquapax website!

Hello and welcome to the brand new AQUAPAX website! AQUAPAX is the original boxed mineral water, launched over 10 yea...
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